I just had an accident. What do I do?

Number one, be safe!  In your estimation is your vehicle still drivable?  If you are unsure contact your local police department.  Next step is reporting your claim to SGI.  You have a couple options you can report using this link, or call Dial-A-Claim choose the claims centre closet to your home., or click on the SGI report a claim on our website.

When you report a claim to SGI you can ask them if Kavia Autobody can complete the estimate for you.  In some situations, SGI will need to complete the appraisal.

If you need any help on what to do next, please contact us and we help you with the next step! (306) 242-2733

How soon can I get my vehicle in for repair?

As soon as possible, once our team gathers the information on your vehicle and sources the right parts for the repair, we will call you with an appointment to get your vehicle in and repaired.

Can I get a replacement vehicle?

We have Enterprise Car Rental on sight to look after your replacement vehicle. If you are not at fault for your collision, have loss of use vehicle replacement on your policy, or have had a collision with wildlife (package policy required) then your rental will be covered. We will have a rental car for you when you drop off your vehicle for repairs. We can also provide a rental for you at a heavily discounted price through Enterprise.

Is the paint job going to match?

Yes, Kavia Autobody uses a state-of-the-art paint booth and paints that will match your vehicle’s factory paint.

How will the accident affect my vehicle?

Like it never happened, our team of professionals at Kavia Autobody promise to repair your vehicle to the state it was in before the accident.

What is the warranty on the repair?

Kavia Autobody provides a Transferable Limited Warranty on repairs performed by the shop. It is valid only for as long as you own the vehicle and is for the person to whom the Limited Warranty is granted and whose name appears on the original work order. Drop by and ask for a pamphlet on our Written Warranty.

Do you fix all makes and models?

At Kavia Autobody, we are experienced in all makes and models including domestic and import vehicles.

Do you have a shuttle?

We can certainly arrange to give you a ride to where you need to go.

How long is the repair going to take?

Each repair is different. We promise to deliver the highest quality of autobody repairs. We can’t always give an exact date or time when scheduling your repairs. When your vehicle is in our facility, we will be communicating with you as your vehicle moves through the different departments. With your original estimate for repairs we make sure that we have all the parts to start the repair process.
Upon your vehicles arrival it will be washed, photographed and moved into our production line. Your vehicles first stop will be into our Repair Planning department. This is where a technician will map out your vehicles repairs and start the disassembly process and determine any additional repairs or parts that are needed. If we have additions that need to be added to your original estimate these are called supplements. All supplements are photographed and sent to your insurance company for approval. If this is not an insurance claim, we will contact you for approval before proceeding. Once we have completed this process, we are able to provide you with an update and an estimated time of completion.

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