kavia auto body warranty


Our new facility is the culmination of years of experience and streamlining our process to have everything exactly as we would want.

This should give you peace of mind, knowing that every stage of your repair has the approved factory tools, the space and the conveniences for our expert technicians to shine.

We purpose-built this facility to follow our process from the beginning to end, ensuring your prized vehicle the gentle pampering it deserves.

Rest, relax, recharge in comfort and style

Everything our experts need to repair your vehicle

Have you made a claim with SGI yet? Do it here!

What to do in an accident
1. Report the accident through DIAL-A-CLAIM (Ph : 306-683-2100) or SGI AUTO E-Claim
Have all your information available (as well as the other party’s info)
2. Your adjuster will contact you, take your statement and set an appointment with you. If your automobile is not drivable, inform SGI to have your vehicle towed to KAVIA after your inspection appointment.
3. Email or call in the CLAIM# / VIN# to KAVIA or BOOK ONLINE
4. KAVIA will complete the necessary information with SGI and will call you back to set up an appointment